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At Forex Vice, we are actively seeking for new ways to maximize the value our customers get. The Master Trader Package is one such mean that we reward our customers’ trusts with extraordinary value. At the cost of only 4 Months, our clients whom wish to establish long term business relationships with us will now get the subscription of 6 Months!

That is a 33% Savings off the Monthly Price! We’d like you to know that we sincerely enjoy working with you, and appreciate your support like never before!

You will be automatically redirected back to our page upon payment completion, and within 12 hours you’ll receive your Master Passwords and its Installation Guide on our Mimic Software (Forex Trading Software) , which could be easily installed in 3 minutes. All you need to do from then is to ensure your internet connection is “on”, and come back to check your account balance growing once in a while.


Click on the Paypal Button below to Subscribe for Half-Yearly at only USD 1,000.00 (33% OFF).

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People Who Liked This Subscription Also Says…

Elias H.
Forex Vice didn’t offer the Master Package until many of us have been requesting for it. The good thing is they do it with a massive discount, which is exactly another reason that makes us loyal subscribers.

I haven’t been writing reviews, but I’d like to share some insights as a Master Subscriber. Just as with the Mimic Package I subscribed previously, these two are about the same thing (except which Master Traders get to receive SMS, but I turned it off, anyway. The Forex Signals from June till now (August 2010) have been going on very impressively.

As with the Mimic Pack, I only require to check out my trading terminal when I am back home after work, and another time before sleep. I am not the happy-go-lucky type so I’d need to check it out every single day in order to feel secure. Credits to Forex Vice, though, they have been making very good progress and in my opinion deserves all the good words showered on them.

I feel that if you have tested out Mimic Package for one or two months and if you are happy with your results, this Master Package is definitely must, because I am saving $75 on the original $250 every month for 6 months. For $1K only, the Forex Signals from Forex Vice has helped me recovered this initial piece of investment in 4 days (I’m trading only 1 Standard Lot).

Overall, I am pretty happy with what Forex Vice has offered me thus far in 7 months. The website is growing and these guys are getting better by the day. I have employed many professional services (not Clickbank products) in the past, and I must say Forex Vice is, among all, the best.

Elias H. Accounting Manager


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