How Do We Trade?

There’s no Forex Holy Grail… No Way!

Indeed, with our combined FX Trading experience of over 100 years, we have yet encounter the Holy Grail that could win us every trade. If such a thing ever existed, we would have all been multi-billionaires this time next year. Anyhow, we strongly believe that we already have found our best trading system, which to us, is akin to the Holy Grail. While not to the extend of winning every trades we put into the market, we have been making consistent profits over the years.


So, What Are Our “Holy Grail”, or Tricks, We Hear Ye Ask?

Simply put, we tried our best to cover all aspects of the markets, each with our internally developed mechanisms:

  • The FundamentalsEconomic Releases, Important Speeches, Geopolitical Turbulence, Macro-Economic Events, etc
  • The TechnicalsTrends, Pattern Formations, Fibonacci, Overbought, Oversold, RSI, etc
  • The Price ActionsImmediate Market Sentiment®, Directional Changes, etc
  • Smart Money ManagementSmart Risk:Reward Ratio, Diligent Entries and Exits
  • The Insider NewsAdd a Tooltip Text
  • We wouldn’t say we are the best of the best in the Markets, but with our combined synergistic efforts, we are able to make back-to-back monthly profits and the cream of the crop is…

    We have find a way to make it possible for you to copy our exact trades directly into your MT4 Forex Trading Platforms with virutally no delays.


    FX Trading – Our Trading Sessions

    While we do have two professionals from our team monitoring the Fundamental and Technical aspects of the Market in Asian Sessions, we typically do not make any trading orders during the session. In our experience, we agree that majority of the profits are made in the Europe and NY Sessions, and thus, we actively applied that into our Forex Trading Strategies.


    Forex Signals – We Trade EUR/USD and GBP/USD Only

    That’s one of the most important aspect in our trading policy – The Costs of Trading. To give you a bit of insights, imagine trading GBP/JPY which costs you roughly 7 pips per trade, and if you are moderately active in trading and making only 1 transaction per trading day, you would end up paying 154 pips (roughly $1,400/lot) alone in trading costs! So, let’s trade what’s volatile and what’s cheap at the same time!

    On a typical FX trading day, we would provide 2 Forex Signals – One for EUR/USD and another for GBP/USD. When we have sufficient “green lights” from our respective Forex System (a combination of multiple Forex Trading Strategies), we may be sending out more Forex Signals. Keep in mind that we want to focus on the Quality of our Forex Signals, instead of Quantity, as explained previously.

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    If you are not currently making money with Forex Trading, and is trading multiple currency pairs actively, we would recommend you taking a look at your Costs of Trading, or in other words, the Spreads you have paid throughout the month. From experience, these traders normally incurred huge amount of spread costs, normally in the range of 200 ~ 400 pips, which greatly reduces their potential profit margin, if any.


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