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Vivi Smith

Web Admin, Forex Trader and Forex Vice-r, NJ


Nakamura | Forex Vice Forex Signals Forex Vice has been serving me since January last year (free signals) and their accuracy and mastery in the Foreign Exchange Market is infallible. I am proud to be a member of this community and it is, in my opinion, arguably one of the best Forex Signals Providers remaining in the market to date.

In my experience, the quality of their signals would easily worth tens of thousands US Dollars at the institutional level. It has been a great pleasure working with you, and I must admit that despite my proficiency with FX Trading, there’s still much to be learned here. Banzai Forex Vice!







Dr. Katsuyoshi Nakamura

Franchise Owner, Former Senior Market Analyst, Mizuho Investors Securities, Tokyo




 Forex Vice Forex Signals | Jeff Lau | TestimonialIn the last few months trading alongside with these Forex Experts in Forex Vice, I realized that I am on board with a team of outstanding personnel, whom not only achieved consistent results in Forex Trading, but also possess deep understanding about the market that I could learn a lot from.

They did great service as signals always arrive on time and allow us subscribers ample time to be prepared for the entries. It is just a shame that you aren’t sharing your “secrets” with the rest of us.







Jeff Lau

Avid Tennis Player and Wealth Manager, BOC Hong Kong, HK



Forex Vice Forex Signals | Subscriber Sherlen KingsI have known Patrick Kruger, one of the experts behind Forex Vice, for years. I thought he was good, but the combination of Patrick and his team is even better!

If you were wondering what possibly could I gain from these guys after 10 years of profitable trading, as I did before started with them, I’d tell you this: An extra 6 Thousand Pips this year.








Sherlen Kings

Forex Trader, A Happy Mom To Her Cute Baby Boy, NJ



Forex Vice | Forex Signals | Subscriber | Jacobs MillerMasters of the Forex Vice,

Please allow me to express my deepest gratitude for literally saving me from my massive failure in Forex Trading. To put things in perspective, I have blown 3 live accounts when I started Forex last year, and was on the verge to a total financial collapse before joining Forex Vice.

You have helped me not only in rebuilding my account balance, but also my dwindling confidence with both trading and life. I wish you would continue your very kind service and keep the pips flowing in. Thank you!






Jacobs Miller

Local Sales Manager, Part-Time Forex Trader, Ohio














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