Forex Scalping – Suit Your Taste?

Forex Scalping – Forex Trading Strategies

Forex Scalping basically refers to the methodology of Fast-In-Fast-Out – rapidly opening and closing of a trade position. In general, Forex Scalpers maintain their trades for as long as 5 minutes, or when their minute Take Profit is hit. Since these trades are aimed for quick movements from the market, their targets are normally around 5 to 10 pips.

In contrast to common beliefs, Forex Scalping is initially one of the few Forex Trading Strategies developed to limit “prolonged” exposure to the market. Traders who practiced Forex Scalping emphasize on the quick volatility generated by Price Action, and much less on Trends, Fundamentals and Long Term. While Forex Scalping has been recognized for its capability to land enormous profits from large volume of trades in the long run, many fellow Forex Traders have failed miserably in the pursuit of this demanding trading strategy.


Forex Trading Strategies – Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex Scalping

Scalpers seldom risk much of their trading capital each trade and thus is much more resistant to Day Trader or Swing Trader should the market went “wrong”. Secondly, Forex Scalping also bring in frequent tiny gains (losses), and therefore psychological stress on Forex traders is greatly reduced as traders rarely spent time dwelling with huge losses (as commonly seen in Day Traders).

When practiced appropriately, Forex Scalping could bring in profits faster than any other Forex Trading Strategies. However, on the flip side, this methodology is much more difficult to understand – and execute – than the rest of the Forex Trading Systems.

Impatient and greedy traders are among the first to fail miserably in Forex Scalping. An impulse to enter the market head on or silly attempts to hold on positions and shifting profit targets will bring your trading capital to the ground in no time. Furthermore, Forex Scalping demands extraordinary focus and long attention span from the Forex Traders, in which is a survey shown to be lacking in 75% of the market participants. Part time traders has also encountered massive challenges to put this brilliant strategy on the run due to drops in mental activities after long day of work. A successful Forex Scalper on our team is known to make anywhere from 20 to a 100 trades in a single day and about 12 hours gluing to the monitor. This trading style is, at best, not very much desired full time Forex Traders, let alone the casual Forex participants. Having said that, a 100 trades a day would translate to 200 pips in spreads alone considering you are trading EUR/USD and GBP/USD only. On a standard lot size, this is equivalent to $2,000 in spread – or the ticket to enter the market – on a single day. If you do your maths properly, you’d probably have realized by now the fact that – unless you have an absolute edge with your Forex Scalping Strategy, it is seemingly impossible to make money in the market with this trading approach.

Hendrik G.

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Before felling into the abyss of fear with this method, you should understand that if you could developed your own automated Forex software for your strategy, you could have easily omit the heavy time load. While automated Forex trading have not been best for many other Forex trading strategies, I have personally owned one that could have done more or less 80% trading system. In addition, an automated Forex trading software also helps to eliminate trading inconsistencies commonly seen in human beings, which makes it much more reliable over the long run.

If you are in search of an Automated Trading Software, its highly recommended that you check out on our Forex Signals! We have over 15 Forex professionals trading behind the scene for you, and our Mimic Software will enter and exists the trades for you just as if we traded our own. With results of consistently making over 500 pips for 14 months and counting, Our Forex Signals are your best bet to bag you profits in Forex Trading despite your busy schedule.

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