Am I entitled to EUR/USD and GBP/USD ?
Ans: Yes, you are entitled to both EUR/USD and GBP/USD. If you do not want to receive any
of them, you can customize your EA settings and exclude the particular pair that you do not want
to receive. And also, make sure your connections are always available.

Which broker and vps do you use ?
Ans: We are using Alpari US and hosted our account on ForexVPS.

How many trades you can have open at same time?
Ans: We open a maximum of 2 trades at the same time.

If I take both eurusd and gbpusd, what is the maximum drawdown I can expect with 10K account
trading 1 standard lot size ?
Ans: Our SL is normally in between 20 – 40 pips depending on the market volatility. which mean
the maximum drawdown will not be more than 8% at one time. However, in history, we had a
maximum of 23% drawdown with a 20k account.

Do you gurantee that all your trades will be copied exactly on my account with exception of few
pip slippage ?
Ans: Yes, in one condition that you have no problem with your connections.

Will I receive the signals if my computer is off for a short time?
Ans: No. Your MT4 Trading Platform must be up, in order for you to copy trades from us. To
resolve this issue that connections are not working properly, we would suggest our subscribers to
host the trading account on a VPS.

Does my pc only have to be running for mimic trader to work? Or does it has to be on your site to
Ans: Yes, you need to have your pc running, and your MT4 Trading Platform on, for the software
to run. No, you do not need to visit our site to copy our trades.

Do you have a minimum amount that i have to trade with in my starting account?
Ans: It depends on yourself, we suggest trading on a ratio of USD 10 000: 0.5 Lot. For example, if
your trading capital is USD 5000, we recommend you to trade with 0.25 lot.

Do i have to set up a mt4 trading account? And if so is it with anyone or does it has to be
recommended by you?
Ans: Our Mimic Software applies on any MT4 Trading Account, so as long as it is a MT4
Platform, then it would be fine.

When do I get the software?
Ans: After subscription to our Mimic Trader Package, you will receive a link to
download the EA.

Would i get both EU and GU trades executed on one account or do i need one account for each
pair? I wasn’t sure if the $250.00 a month for the mimic trader was just for one pair or both, can
you clarify this for me?
Ans: Subscribers for Mimic Trader Package would get both EU and GU executed on one MT4
trading account.

If I use EA on two different computers with the same account, can I use both at the same time?
Ans: Yes you can use them at the same time as long as it is the same MT4 account.

How does your mimic trade system work?
Ans: You would be able to copy every trades we enter by installing our mimic trader software.

How does the mimic technology work?
Ans: When we enter a trade, the information of the trade will send to our database. So that after
you have setup our mimic trader software (which is an EA), you will be able to read the
information from our database and thus be able to enter the same trade.

Can I set it on any broker?
Ans: Yes, our mimic trader software is compatible with any brokers, but only with MT4 Trading

Do you execute the trades by sending the trade information to my machine, or do you have a trade replicator set up where you would tie into my broker account and execute the trades?
Ans: You would execute the trades by grabbing information from our database, so that we actually
do not have any access to your broker account. For further information, the mimic software has a
variety of options for you, including you can disable the automatic execution, while changing it to
sound alert signal instead.