4 Simple Steps to Consistent Forex Trading Profits!

Step 1

Subscribe & Install

We offer a variety of Trader Packages that has served over 1,000 happy customers – satisfaction guaranteed. To start seeing positive results to your Forex Trading immediately – Join Us Today!

You will be given clear instructions on how to install our Trades Mimic Software (Expert Advisor) upon payment is completed. 99% of our new customers took less than 3 minutes to complete the installation with ease!

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Step 2

Trade Exactly What We Trade

Once the Trades Mimic Software is installed, this is how the magic works:
Whenever we place a trade, our Master Trade Mimic software will broadcast its signals to all her Slaves Trade Mimic accounts (your trading accounts). The Slave Trade Mimic accounts will then take the instructions and proceed to enter the exact same trade we did in our trading accounts.

Some of the awesome features about Trades Mimic are that, she mimics not only our entry positions, but also initial and subsequent changes to ‘Take Profits’, ‘Stop Loss’. Whenever we close an open trades, your system will mimic exactly the same.


How long does it takes? From Forex Vice Master Account to Your Trading Account

For those who are particularly concerned about the potential delays in mimicking trades from our server to your computers – Relax! 95% of the Forex signals are mimicked and delivered in under 0.5 second.

We would like to assure our customers that we have and will never execute any trades on News Releases, which the volatility of the market would certainly result in huge gaps between our respective entries.

With Trades Mimic on our side, you are able to cruise through the Forex Markets like experts, without even required to be anywhere near your Trading computer!

I want your Signals directly to my MT4, but I do not wish to Trade it Live automatically...

No problem! Just download a demo MT4 Account here and proceed with the installation on Step 1 above. You’ll still get to see the exact trades we make without trading them on automation to your Live account.

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Step 3

Keep It On 24/5

The only requirement of our Trade Mimic Software is that, you’ll need to keep your Trading Computer, Internet Connection and Trade Mimic on 24 Hours a Day, Monday to Friday.

This is due to the fact that, the Slave Trade Mimic Software is powered entirely by your computer, and thus, when you switch off your computer or internet connection, it will be cut off from her connection with the Master Trade Mimic account, depriving her of all the signals of trades made by us.

If you do not have consistent computer or internet access, we would highly recommend one of the 2 following powerful alternatives:
1. Subscribe to our Savvy Trader Package, that offers SMS signals instead of Trade Mimic signals. While not automated, this package has served all its subscribers well enough.
2. Buy a VPS.

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Step 4

Start profiting!

We have helped thousands of subscribers making consistent profits over the years. There are those whom are already making steady incomes but would love to have some extra pips or more free time with our automated trading.
And there are those whom have been struggling to tirelessly but alas, continued to suffer unnecessary losses in the market.
Whichever situation that you might be experiencing now, we are confident that we will take your Forex Trading to the next level.

To be a successful Forex Trader without the hassles of doing all the gruesome hard-work – Try us Today!


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